Cosu winter 2010 dining fondue mnhfqp

Image: Carl Scofield

Fondue is a must-do mountain dining experience, and Alpinista Mountain Bistro has mastered this venerable, creamy Swiss delicacy. Each season, the bistro imports huge wheels of Emmentaler, gruyère, Appenzeller, vacherin, and raclette—all classic fondue cheeses—for the menu’s six different fondues. While all are decadent, the Appenzeller stands apart for its full-bodied, zesty blend of Appenzeller and gruyère cheeses. All fondues here are served with bread, fruit, and vegetables as an appetizer or a full meal, complemented perhaps by a decadent Swiss chocolate fondue waiting to envelop skewered fruit, pound cake, and marshmallows. 

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