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Image: Zach Mahone

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

When wet, this radiator-like second skin wicks hot from the dog; $54.95, A&A Pet Supply & Feed

Kurgo Step N Strobe

Light-up boots protect Koko’s pads from hot pavement and look cool at night; $70, The Pet Spot

Beastie Bar

Protein-based energy bars fuel her need for speed when she ventures far from her dish of kibble; $1.79, The Pet Spot
429 Edwards Access Road Edwards 

Ruffwear Singletrack Pack

Fitted with hydration bladders, Koko carries her own weight in water and other essentials; $89.95, A&A Pet Supply & Feed
121 N Summit Blvd. Frisco

Canine Friendly

First-aid essentials in case she takes a digger on the trail; $12, The Pet Spot

Garmin Astro

GPS-enabled collar with nine-mile range keeps Koko from wandering off the map; $600, Garmin 

First Aid USA

Reflective bandana keeps Koko safe from cars at night, and hunters in the wild; $14.99, The Pet Spot

The Original Poop Bag Dispenser

When nature calls, Koko leaves no trace; $7.99, A&A Pet Supply & Feed

Silverfoot Bear Bell

Bears, and her human, can hear her coming a mile away; $9.99, A&A Pet Supply & Feed


Deflects all the ultraviolet the sun can throw at her—and sticks, too; $27, The Pet Boutique 
192 Gore Creek Drive
Vail Village 

Nite Dawg

LED collar makes Koko glow in the dark and visible from a thousand feet; $17.49, NiteIze

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