Think taking the chairlift up to ride your bike back down is cheating? Think again. Gravity biking is the new It Girl of extreme mountain sports, and if you haven’t bought in yet, you’re already behind the times.

It’s not too late to start the descent into mad fun. With a full-fledged bike park at Keystone and loads of gravity-stricken mountains all around, Summit County is at the epicenter of Colorado’s downhill scene.

In This Feature:

Summit County Biking for Beginners

Forget the training wheels... you got this.

06/01/2011 By Abigail Eagye

Intermediate Summit County Biking

Roll up those sleeves! You know what you're doing.

06/01/2011 By Abigail Eagye

Advanced Summit County Biking

Throw caution to the wind? Hell yeah!

06/01/2011 By Abigail Eagye