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Most gold-mine tours send you spelunking underground. Summit County’s new Top of the Rockies Zip Line (, on the other hand, lets you soar above several of the state’s prolific glory holes.

Set to open this summer, this new zip-line tour located near Leadville charts a gravity-defying course through 2,000 private acres loaded with alpine splendor—think rushing creeks, waterfalls, and more than 50 historic mines—and never dips below 10,000 feet. But don’t just look down: views of 14,000-foot peaks like Mount Democrat, Mount Massive, Mount Arkansas, and Mount Elbert (Colorado’s highest) abound. Plus, the facility’s unique dual lines allow riders to glide side by side, a setup that can provide a sufficient modicum of comfort to the faint of heart.

One more bonus: the zips at Top of the Rockies are hands-free, meaning that when you catch sight of the abundant wildlife such as elk and deer, you can give them a neighborly wave hello.

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