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If it’s been a season or longer since you’ve driven through Breckenridge, you might notice a new (and most would deem unwelcome) addition to the streetscape: solar-powered parking meters rooted along Main and Ridge Streets, and in surface lots. Although skiers may cringe at the prospect of incurring yet another cost for a day on the mountain, town officials insist that metered parking is more about adjusting habits than collecting chump change to pad town coffers.

“It’s not about gaining revenue,” says Sgt. Lyn Herford of the Breckenridge Police Department. “It’s about changing behavior.”

The ultimate goal, Herford adds, is shunting skier traffic into designated lots to free up spaces downtown for patrons of local shops and restaurants, and to ease gridlock caused by drivers jockeying for an open spot. But skiers, look on the bright side: if you used to bomb down the mountain to beat the three-hour limit for free Ridge Street parking, since metering now offers the option of extending hours remotely (prices vary and can be paid via credit card or phone app), you now can take your time getting back to your car. — Kirsten Dobroth


Where to Park on Breck’s Dime

As an alternative to metered parking downtown, consider these free options:

• 1760 Airport Road: 500 long-term spaces with free shuttle service to lifts

• 189 Boreas Pass Road: 210 long-term spaces

• 100 N Main Street Alley: 135 spaces, free after 3 p.m.

• 300 & 350 S Park Ave: 378 spaces, free after 3 p.m.


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