A Mountain Town Band Goes Abbey Road on Ski Hill Road

Meet the Pine Beatles, Summit County's merry band of music makers

12/16/2019 By Devon O'Neil Photography by Jenise Jensen


Breckenridge's Troll Finds a Forever Home

Can a Gulliver-size whimsical public artwork that turned Breck’s Wellington neighborhood into a cultural war zone heal a fractured community?

06/24/2019 By Devin O'Neil Photography by Jenise Jensen


Summer/Fall 2019 Calendar


Arts & Events In Summit County

Spray Can-Do

After crashing to earth as a semipro snowboarder, Aaron Golbeck launches a new career as a muralist with a mission to wow the world, one wall at a time.

06/24/2019 By Devon O'Neil Photography by Jenise Jensen


A Breckenridge Artist Makes Waves on Main Street

Leaving the lava fields and surf of Kona, a Hawaiian landscape photographer refocuses his art on Breck’s Main Street.

12/10/2018 By Ted Katauskas


Inside One of the State's Most Highly Anticipated Performing Arts Centers

A peek inside a 6,000-square-foot concert hall in Frisco some say will rival the best performance space in Denver.

06/25/2018 By Devon O'Neil


Accoustic Art Finds a Home in Breckenridge

From boom box caroling to a gallery of interactive sounds, the Town of Breck puts a creative spin on public art.

12/07/2017 By Rebecca Treon

Class Act

Silverthorne Salutes its 50th by Staging a Cultural Evolution

Silverthorne Performing Arts Center marks a new beginning for the small town on i-70.

07/01/2017 By Devon O'Neil

Person of Interest

Stroke of Genius

Tai eats, breathes, and sleeps art—literally.

12/19/2016 By Reilly Capps

Arts & Culture

Relief Worker

Amid the political din of building walls and tearing them down, a sculptor carves a niche by animating them.

06/01/2016 By Reilly Capps

Arts & Development

Scene Changes

Two mountain towns hope to stage an economic revival by investing big in local performance spaces.

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil Photography by Liam Doran

Fire It Up

Hot House

A welcoming Frisco studio blazes a cozy niche in handmade art.

01/01/2016 By Reilly Capps Photography by Liam Doran


Defying Gravity

BreckCreate launches an open-air festival of the arts with a lot of edge.

06/01/2015 By Mark Sells


Rapid Learning

As Christo readies his next Colorado project, he redefines the meaning of “work of art.”


Tune In

Radio Days

KSMT—one of the longest-lived ski-town radio stations in America—still rocks at 40.

06/01/2015 By Devon O'Neil


Creative Classrooms

Breck unveils an expanded arts district.

01/01/2015 By Ted Alan Stedman


Breck's Got Talent

The Breckenridge Music Festival takes a cue from reality TV this summer, asking audiences to help choose a replacement for a much-loved director and conductor.

06/01/2014 By Mark Sells


Stage Worthy

At twenty, a community theater gone pro contemplates adulthood—and acts its age.

06/01/2014 By Mark Sells


Salt of the Earth

Ocean meets altitude at an eclectic gallery in Fairplay.

01/01/2014 By Devon O'Neil

Arts & Events

Chill Life

Cold art to warm your heart