Summer/Fall 2016

The Summits of Summit County Top of the World - A hiker’s guide to Summit’s highest peaks + What’s cooking at Breck Distillery? A high-octane new restaurant you won’t want to miss

In this issue:

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

Relief Worker

Amid the political din of building walls and tearing them down, a sculptor carves a niche by animating them.

06/01/2016 By Reilly Capps

Eat & Drink

BBQ Season

Cowboy Up

A roundup of the county’s best Western-themed BBQ to-dos

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil

Food News

Spirited Cuisine

Breck Distillery hopes to make B-town an A-list culinary destination with a small-plates restaurant helmed by a celebrity chef.

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil

Fashion & Shopping


Gear Up + Get Out

All the stuff you need for a successful Summit hike

06/01/2016 Edited by Cindy Hirschfeld

Health & Recreation

Cover Story

The Summits of Summit County

A 21-peak salute to hikers hardwired like Hillary to stand on top of the world.

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil

Cover Story

14,000 ft Summit County Hikes

Summit Counties top six hikes at 14,000 feet

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil

Cover Story

12,000 ft Summit County Hikes

Summit Counties top five hikes at 12,000 feet

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil


Hive Mind

A couple's quixotic quest to nurture a colony of high country bees

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil


Spring Summer Fall

In a place defined by winter, three alter-seasons are crammed into one.

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil

Home & Real Estate


Don’t Fence Me In

An Iowa-inspired, wide-open shelter in the sky in Silverthorne

06/01/2016 By Reilly Capps

Health & Wellness

Home Remedy

For the price of a Maserati, how about a bedroom suite where the engineered air is almost as rich as it is at sea level?

06/01/2016 By Ted Katauskas

News & Profiles


Fly Guy

A local angler’s guide to living the good life in Summit County

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil

Editor's Note


A welcome from our editor

06/01/2016 By Ted Katauskas



62 Degrees of Preparation

Billed as the “world’s highest triathlon,” Dillon’s buzzy new endurance race includes a swimming leg that also may be the coldest.

06/29/2016 By Devon O'Neil

Arts & Development

Scene Changes

Two mountain towns hope to stage an economic revival by investing big in local performance spaces.

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil Photography by Liam Doran