We get so spoiled skiing in Summit County that sometimes it’s important to remember that not every resort has an inbounds cat-skiing operation. It only seems that way in a corner of ski country that’s particularly blessed with a tracked on-mountain public transportation network that rivals a big-city subway system: Keystone’s PistenBully accesses 1,500 acres of terrain; Loveland’s deposits you atop some of the steepest turns at the area; and Copper’s cat conveys you to the summit of Tucker Mountain, a north-facing powder trove that only a fraction of guests ever discover. Oh, and cat rides at the latter two resorts are free, while Keystone assesses a $10 toll to catch a ride to the top of the Outback (in addition to its all-day, lunch-included private cat tour). So what are you waiting for? With our guide to local (and nearby) cat skiing, the first impressions you make may disappear with the next storm, but the memories you'll carve will last a lifetime. 

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A trip into the wild side of tamed terrain

12/21/2016 By Devon O'Neil

Copper Mountain

A free ride to freeride heaven

12/21/2016 By Devon O'Neil


A taste of cat skiing to come

12/21/2016 By Devon O'Neil

Cat Tracks Beyond Summit County

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! For the powder hounds looking to explore beyond summit county.

12/21/2016 By Devon O'Neil