Cosu summer 2013 dining footes rest ice cream spp5uy

A double-dip cone festively dressed for summer in dark chocolate and sprinkles at Foote’s Rest

Cosu summer 2013 dining footes rest shake yiwdxs

Foote's Rest  If Jackson Pollock worked here, this is the shake he’d make.

512 W Main St., Frisco

Cosu summer 2013 dining crepes brm4j5

Crêpes à la Cart  A chocolate, caramel, and strawberry sundae, wrapped in a fluffy blanket

307 S Main St., Breck

Cosu summer 2013 dining higgles ice cream zjxegs

Higgles Ice Cream Cart  An Eiger of cherry, strawberry, chocolate, and honey lavender, steeped in Earl Grey

Dillon Farmers Market

Cosu summer 2013 dining cafe profusion sorbet k8ysco

Café Profusion  A sorbet of passion fruit and mango, with pomegranate drizzle

199 E LaBonte St., Dillon


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