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When Eagle County’s Weston Snowboards wants to open a store in a new market, they hitch it to the back of a dually pickup truck and drive on down the road. 

After the founder of the Minturn-born brand retired, the new owners invested rent they would have paid for a traditional storefront into the buildout of a 300-square-foot tiny home that allows them to take their shop anywhere, from A-Basin’s beach to a real one at sea level.

“We realized we had to get our showroom and shop on wheels,” says co-owner Mason Davey (pictured standing in the doorway at right, with partner Leo Tsuo, seated). “Not only to bring our boards out to the people where they are doing their riding but also to realize our dreams. Traveling ski area to ski area, it’s a dream come true.”

This season, you’ll find Weston parked outside ski shops like RMU,  resort base areas, and up on Loveland Pass, letting potential customers demo their wares while getting a few turns in themselves. Heated with a high-efficiency wood stove, insulated with recycled blue jeans, and powered by the sun, Weston’s tiny home isn’t just off the grid. In snowboarder slang, it’s off the hook. 

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