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Fiesta Jalisco

Image: Ted Katauskas

New Moon Café, Keystone

The New Moon Café on Ida Belle Drive, fifty paces off the main drag in River Run Village, offers a fresh take on the classic nacho ingredients. They bake oil-braised and sea-salted flour tortillas, then blanket them with tomatoes, cheddar-jack, black beans, and—especially perfect on a cold day, even at two dollars extra—homemade red chili. After 2 p.m., the deluxe version is just eight bucks. 140 Ida Belle Drive, 970-262-3772,

Breckenridge Brewery

If for some reason you fasted for five days, you still might not have room to finish off Breck Brewery’s nachos. Piled five inches high (no joke) with black beans, red peppers, tricolor chips draped with melted cheddar, and heaping portions of salsa, sour cream, and luscious guac, these ’chos cost ten bucks on their own, twelve with guac, and fourteen with chicken—pound for pound, possibly a better deal than ramen noodles. 600 S Main St., 970-453-1550,

Fiesta Jalisco, Silverthorne

Silverthorne’s Fiesta Jalisco, tucked away in the Summit Place shopping plaza, does traditional Mexican nachos justice, which is harder than one might think. With green and red onions adding crunch and flavor, the chips are perfectly crisped, not overcheesed, and complemented by homemade guac and salsa. Plus, at $9.95 (including guac), you can afford more than one of their twenty different margaritas. 269 Summit Place, 970-468-9552,

JJ’s Rocky Mountain Tavern, Copper Mountain

One of the classic après-ski bars in Summit County, JJ’s also makes a revered plate of nachos. The savory lime-and-cilantro-infused sour cream tempers the heat, but the star ingredient is the large portion of smoked pork that tops off the plate. Add black beans, homemade pico, tasty guac, green chiles, and tricolor chips, and you’re talking a dinner-for-two bargain at fourteen bucks. 102 Wheeler Circle (Copper Station), 970-968-3062

Angel’s Hollow, Breckenridge

Ask a Breck local who makes the best nachos in town, and you might be surprised how many say Angel’s Hollow. The secret? Fried flour tortillas. Also, the zesty guac is some of the best you’ll have on the Colorado side of the Four Corners. Lee, the owner, is a singular character, and these nachos, complemented by pinto beans, are just as distinguished. Expect a full meal for $10.50. 113 S Ridge St., 970-453-8585

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